HAPPENINGS: Audemars Piguet celebrated the announcement of Ruijun Shen as guest curator for the Audemars Piguet Art Commission in 2016 and unveiled the brand's updated Collectors Lounge at Art Basel in Hong Kong with a special evening reception. More than 500 guests attended the late-night party, including renowned Hong Kong actors Sandra Ng and Louis Koo. Held over two floors of the prestigious California Tower, the event had a clear focus on art. To enter the party, guests were led through a lush atmosphere inspired by designer Mathieu Lehanneur's eco-living wall and accompanied by bespoke soundwork from artist Alexandre Joly. Large, illuminated prints of the Vallée de Joux around the room also gave guests the feeling they were partying in the Swiss watch brand's hometown.

Energy was high at the party as guests treated themselves to canapés and Champagne, and snapped pictures at the photo booth. Spotted among the crowds were Olivier Audemars, Helen Ma, Karson Choi and Sean Lee-Davies. DJ Angus Wong teamed up with a trumpeter, spinning the night away with snazzy live trumpet tunes. 

OVERHEARD This art installation is amazing. I feel like I’m walking through the woods.

CHIC CHAT with Feiping Chang

How do you think art and fashion are related?

I think people who have an appreciation of fashion will naturally have the aesthetic for art as well.

Is watchmaking also an art form?

It's an art form that I don't understand at all, but I know it's very complicated, and I appreciate the craftsmanship. I'm more of a fashion person - I appreciate craftsmanship in clothes, handbags and shoes. Obviously, watches are on the next level.

What would you look for if you're buying a watch?

Something that's classic, because watches are always an investment piece. I want something I can pair with different outfits, and something that I can hand down to my children in the future.

How do you stay stylish at an art exhibition?

I wore a jumpsuit and flats. You want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, because you'll be walking around a lot. But the focus is the art, not you, so [pick] something stylish, neutral and comfortable.