The Guinness world record-holder of the most valuable guitar was first unveiled at BaselWorld in March. Adorned with over 400ct of diamonds and set in 18ct gold, it's not hard to imagine why the showpiece easily clinched the title. And rightly so - the guitar is the result of more than 700 days of work from a team of 68 people, from the concept development to market research, design, technical analysis, material sourcing, mould-making, stone-setting and polishing.

Poetically, the musical instrument was designed by Hong Kong songwriter and designer Mark Lui, who has an intrinsic passion for music and jewellery. Turning to nature for inspiration, which led to the name Eden of Coronet, Lui incorporated Coronet flora motifs in the guitar and sprinkled diamond florets along the base and head of the guitar.

Aesthetics aside, the instrument also boasts musical prowess. Diamond firm Coronet teamed up with guitar-maker Gibson to create this coveted object d'art and ensure it is functional and beautiful.

The guitar is on a world tour and will be available for purchase after two years.