MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser celebrated the 10th anniversary of his brand with the introduction of the HMX horological machine watch. Made of titanium and stainless steel, the watch comes in four colours - Lotus black, British racing green, Ferrari red and Bugatti blue - and is limited to 20 pieces per colour.

Büsser, who realised his childhood dream of becoming a motor vehicle designer, has associated the concept of driving with the HMX. The birth of this exclusive and unique timepiece is a milestone for him. The tagline imprinted on the watch reflects this, reading: "A creative adult is a child who survived".

The unusual design of the timepiece allows you to look at the time from the side of the watch while leaving your hands on the wheel when driving.

The mechanism of the timepiece is even more complex and mesmerising. The watch displays bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes. You read the time on the projected mirror image from two sapphire crystal optical prisms.