Here's some good news for stylish men. Berluti is paying tribute to its emblematic Andy loafer. In 1962, Olga Berluti produced the Andy design with iconic artist Andy Warhol. Now she has created new Andy iterations with the L'Infini d'Andy line.

The line offers three collections of footwear - The Variations, The Andy Masque and The Andy ankle boot.

The Variations collection comprises six Venezia leather loafers in the Olga 9 tris shape. The shoe plays boldly with asymmetry and can be custom-made.

The Andy Masque features a domino mask on the instep which stretches to embrace the foot right down to the sole and are available in stores.

The all-new Andy ankle boot is inspired by Warhol's love of eccentric boots.

For the past 50 years, Olga Berluti has been striving to match the spontaneous sketches by Warhol. Today, technology has helped her to achieve her goal and take the Andy style to the next level.