Q. You and your brother, Karl, are co-presidents of the brand. How do you balance the role and what is the benefit of a family-owned brand?

A. We work very much hand in hand. He takes care of the men's world and I take care of the ladies' world. There are lots of positive sides to being a family-owned company. [One key point is that] we are our own decision makers, so everything is flexible and fast. We are also very free in terms of [creativity] - when we want to do something and we believe in it, we do it. That's a big plus.

The negative side of being family-owned [and not part of a big group] is that we may come across problems when looking for locations in new shopping malls or areas. But, so far, we've always managed to get the locations we want.

Q. You introduced Chopard's jewellery portfolio. Have you always been interested in jewellery?

A. Even when I was a kid, I was always looking at my mum's jewellery. I still recall my very first design for the maison - the Happy Diamond Clown, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Q. What is it about jewellery that entices you in particular?

A. I've always been passionate about stones. I've always loved gemstones, diamonds and semi-precious stones. I like to play with colours and stones to create beautiful pieces.

Q. You were named Environmentalist of the Year at the 20th BRAVO Business Awards. What are your biggest accomplishments in being sustainable while creating beautiful pieces?

A. With the Green Carpet collection and the partnership with Eco-Age, we have proved that luxury can be sustainable and the ultimate luxury is to know, no matter what your product is, how your product was produced and where the raw materials came from. We want to make sure children were not working in the mines and workers were paid a decent salary.

I believe sustainability is becoming more important, and I think the younger generation is [more aware] of the topic.

Q. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?

A. I still have a lot to do, but I think having established the boutique network is one of my greatest achievements. I am also proud of bringing jewellery collections to where they are now, especially the Happy Diamonds collection and the Animal World collection.

Q. What are your ambitions for the brand in the next five years?

A. We want to grow. We still have places where we are not present and there are new markets coming up. There's still a lot to do in Asia and Africa.

Q. How do you define luxury?

A. Freedom and time. Luxury to me is also being able to do what you want. For me, living in Switzerland is also a luxury - it's a country where everything works and I'm very blessed that the company is based in Switzerland. When I travel and I come home, I feel a sense of comfort.