EVENT Jimmy Choo Pooch Party for Capsule Collection

WHERE Lala Curio,Wan Chai 

HAPPENINGS: What do you get when you pair man's best friend with a woman's favourite accessory? A winning combination, which luxury brand Jimmy Choo tapped into with its latest collaboration with Instagram-famous artist Rafael Mantesso and his English bull terrier, also named Jimmy Choo.

To celebrate the launch, the brand hosted an afternoon party for dog lovers. Models Gaile Lok, Cara G and Ana R turned up with their beloved pooches. Power couples Leonard and Candice Chao, and Alan Lo and Yenn Wong were also spotted at the get-together. Dogs enjoyed star treatment at the event. While socialities sipped on Champagne and martinis, the pooches were offered "dogtinis". A special spa and grooming service was also available on-site.


OVERHEARD My pup loves my Jimmy Choos too. He cuddles up next to them sometimes.


CHIC CHAT with Rafael Mantesso

What has changed since Jimmy Choo the dog became a social media sensation?

We are a lot busier. We are working on a book launch in October featuring 150 new photos. Other than this, not much [has changed]. Jimmy and I are still best friends.

Can you share with us the formula to nurture a star pet?

I have given Jimmy my heart, and he has given me his. I always have my camera on me just in case Jimmy strikes a great pose that I need to photograph.

Can you tell us what makes Jimmy tick?

Sleeping, eating and playing. He's so much fun to be around.

What has been the most challenging part about photographing Jimmy?

It's always tricky working with animals. Retaining Jimmy's attention in order to get the best results is difficult at times.