EVENT Jaeger-LeCoultre Shanghai International Film Festival Gala

WHERE Shanghai Expo Centre, Shanghai

HAPPENINGS: Luxury Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, which is known for its dedicated support to the film industry, threw a soiree during the Shanghai International Film Festival. Chinese stars such as Liu Tao and Tian Yuan attended the charity gala dinner along with Jaeger-LeCoultre's patrons, Chinese actress Zhao Wei and filmmaker Carmen Chaplin.

The brand has been supporting the promotion and preservation of Chinese films for five years, including funding a project to restore classic Chinese films. The latest addition to the restored repertoire is C'est la vie, Mon Cheri - a romantic love story by Hong Kong filmmaker Yee Tung-shing made in 1993 starring Anita Yuen and Sean Lau. The gala raised funds for the restoration project. A unique Rendez-vous Moon timepiece designed especially for the event was auctioned for the cause. 


CHIC CHAT with Zhao Wei

How did you enjoy C'est la vie, Mon Cheri?

It was a very touching movie, and I cried so much when I was watching it.

Were there any scenes in the movie that were particularly memorable to you?

There are quite a few special moments. Overall, I love the way the heroine stays so strong and positive, even when she's battling caner.

Tell us about the watch you are wearing.

This Ivy Tourbillon is a newly launched piece from the Rendez-Vous collection. The piece embodies both feminine aesthetics and powerful technical excellence.