Designer Vanessa Seward, who designed six capsule collections with A.P.C. and recently launched her own eponymous label, has just unveiled an online shop.

Before launching the e-shop, she talks to STYLE about her career milestones, her design aesthetics and what we can expect from her in the future. 


What is your definition of style?
I privilege allure [over] details – less is more.

How would you describe your design aesthetics?
I like simple, feminine and flattering shapes.

You’ve had a rich history in the fashion world. What do you consider as your career milestones?
Nine years in the Chanel studio, Saint Laurent with Tom Ford, working with Loris Azzaro, and finally meeting Jean and Judith Touitou.

Has there been a favourite design/piece throughout the years?
I think I'm quite an expert on trenches.

Do you have an every-day favourite outfit? How would you describe your personal style?
High-waist jeans and a silk blouse. My personal style is casual and sophisticated at the same time. I try to make it personal and timeless.

How did it feel to start your own eponymous label? What inspired you to establish your own brand?
It's a great challenge! I feel that my past experiences have given me the knowledge and know-how to at last be ready. but most of all it was finding the right partner at A.P.C.

What was the most challenging part of establishing your eponymous brand?
Having to look at oneself as a product, having a distance with my own style and having to analyse it  from a marketing point of view.

Has designing for your own label been different from designing for other maisons?
 It's different to design for my own label as I don't have a different identity to blend into.

Tell us more about your e-shop. 
I'm very happy with the result, which I find elegant and both efficient and easy at the same time. I love the fact that with e-commerce my collection will be accessible worldwide.

What’s next? What do you look forward to most? And what can we expect from you?
My first shop in Paris in September, and my first summer show during Paris Fashion Week in October. [I] will be developing my products little by little. [I] believe in organic growth.