Luxury jeweller Boucheron turned to India for inspiration for its latest high-jewellery collection. Some 105 designs were created, and 60 pieces were presented at Paris Haute Couture Week last month.

Creative director Claire Choisne is known for looking at the brand's heritage when designing her beautiful pieces, and it's no different this time around. The link between Boucheron and India began as early as 1909, and since then the country's vibrant history, rich colours and architectural wonders have inspired beautiful pieces from the maison.

There are four chapters in the new collection: Jodhpur, Indian Palace, Garden & Cosmos and Maharani. Each theme interprets India with its own unique take. Pieces from the Jodhpur have a touch of art deco vibe, while Indian Palace, as the name suggests, is inspired by the architecture of palaces and citadels of the country. Garden & Cosmos celebrates two distinct styles of paintings which originated in Jodhpur, and Maharani echoes the natural beauty of hennas.