What: Baldi & Bechstein Grand Piano  

How much: About HK$1.6 million

WHY: There's a certain charm to music produced by a grand piano, from classical movements to jazzy tunes. Enjoying a pianist's prowess on this elegant instrument is an experience to be cherished - and when the piano is adorned with semi-precious stones, the eyes are dazzled as much as the ears.

Enter the Baldi & Bechstein grand piano, a collaboration between the worlds of music and jewellery. Taking an antique piano from German instrument maker C. Bechstein, the Italian jeweller Baldi adorns the piece with a mosaic of malachite - a form of crystal known for its bands of striking hues of green, ranging from soft mellow tones to vibrantly dark shade.

Each piano, according to Baldi, requires approximately six months of work to be transformed into a unique objet d'art. Artisans use a technique known as Russian mosaic to hand-place each tile to cover the entire piano. Before being mounted, each stone is treated with 24ct gold plating and chiselled to ensure it is visually perfect.

This piano is definitely for those looking to add a little extra pizzazz to their musical performances. Baldi has only customised four Bechstein grand pianos in the past four years, so there's no need to worry about having the same piece as your friends.

The piano is also available in a vivid blue hue, covered in a layer of lapis lazuli.

The price may vary depending on the type of stones used, but rest assured the visual impact will be consistently stunning.