Happenings: More than 380 celebrities, socialites and guests celebrated the spirit of giving with this year's winner and finalists at The One International Humanitarian Award, supported by Rotary International. Gary Huang, president of Rotary International, and president-elect K.R. Ravindran flew in to support the five finalists from China, India, Mongolia and Nigeria.

Sidhutai Sapkal from India won the award with her unwavering support and selfless dedication to improving the lives of destitute orphans and women in Pune. Award founder David Harilela reminded the audience of the meaning of The One, which is not to worry about ourselves, but rather about others who are in need of help.

We spotted The One ambassador Donnie Yen and his wife Cecilia Wang - one of the judges this year - masters of ceremonies Anthony Sandstrom and Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom, film director Raymond Wong and actress Maria Chan at the event.


OVERHEARD What Sidhutai Sapkal is doing for the orphans of India deserves recognition.


CHIC CHAT with David Harilela

What's special about this year's winner and finalists?

It's the magnitude of the good they do. They think out of the box, give up businesses and their whole life to help people. Every hero has their story to tell. They heal the world. They are the doers of the world.

Why are there no Hong Kong winners?

It's not that they are not great. I think we haven't given Hong Kong people the proper chance. Just by statistics, there are only 7 million people. It's hard to judge the impact by quantity. In The One HK Award launched this year, we look at quality rather than quantity.

What's the best thing about giving back to society?

Personally, The One allows me to reward the best people in the world, and when I do good, I get a glow in my heart.