NATURA BISSÉ Sparkle after you use the Diamond Ice-lift, the first transepidermal hybrid which gives you an instant, long-lasting ‘facelift’, HK$2,050/ 12 monodoses x 10 ml






FRESH Treat yourself to natural wonders with the Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster, made with seaberry oil, camellia seed oil, roucou extract and tomato extract, HK$420/15ml








CLÉ DE PEAU With ruby as a theme, the limited-edition Le Serum is perfect for the modern woman who wishes to revitalise her skin for a glowing look, HK$2,500/40ml








SILLLK Used by ancient Egyptians in their daily skincare regimen, Elemi is known to be calming and has anti-inflammatory, collagen re-building and cell restoration abilities. The serum aims to restore suppleness, radiance and softness to the hands, HK$550/30ml





JILL STUART The Jill Stuart 10th Anniversary Collection includes a set of four all you will need make-up options for your eyes, cheek and lips, HK$560