OMOROVICZA The Blue Diamond Eye Cream is enriched with bio-available peptides and works alongside the skin’s natural DNA to revitalise the eye contour for a fresher and youthful look, HK$1,950/15ml





CHARM IN CELL The two-stage eye-cream set features Toco-Vita C, a revolutionary conjugate of vitamin C and E created by the brand’s research team. It promises to be 12 times more stable and effective than vitamin C alone, moisturising and brightening around the eyes, HK$1,500






GUERLAIN The Gold Eye Sculpt Serum helps correct visible signs of ageing. It’s the latest in the Abeille Royale line, featuring honey from a black bee and royal jelly harvested in France, HK$1,010/ 15ml.








DIOR Capture Totale's 360° Light-up Open-up Replenishing Eye Serum is the first Dior serum that opens up and illuminates the eyes instantly by helping to recreate the dense elastic matter of the eye contour area, HK$740/15ml








REVIVE Tighten the skin around your eyes while softening the appearance of fine lines with the new Intensité Line Erasing Eye Serum, HK$3,400/ 15ml