2015 has definitely been the year of the dog when it comes to luxury brand campaigns, with more and more brands tapping into the trend and partnering up with adorable pooches to showcase their designs.

Make way, Choupette. The internet has new fashionable furry muses now.

Here are some of our favourites:

Jimmy Choo


Luxury brand Jimmy Choo reached out to Instagram-famous puppy Jimmy Choo for a collaboration. The bull terrier became famous as the star of artist Rafael Mantesso’s Instagram and now finds himself the star of the brand’s #ChooHound capsule collection.

STYLE caught up with artist Mantesso when the campaign first launched.




Italian brand Tod’s began their Dots of Life campaign by inviting customers to share images of them stylishly wearing the brand’s apparel. The campaign has now extended to include our favourite four-legged friends. The brand has asked customers to share pictures of their Gommino loafers and their dogs, which are shared by the brand on its social media platforms.


Karen Walker


Toast, a King Charles puppy mill rescue dog, has more than 293,000 followers on Instagram (at time of post). She’s rubbed paws with fashion royalty, such as Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk, but really came into her own as a fashion icon when eye-wear brand Karen Walker tapped the adorable tooth-less pooch as the star of its summer 2015 campaign. Cue images of Toast with her tongue out and rocking some stellar shades.   




The front woman for affordable luxury brand Coach’s campaign is famous in her own right, as she just happens to be Lady Gaga’s adorable French bulldog. This isn’t the first time Miss Asia Kinney, who happens to have her own Instagram account, has wowed in front of the camera.  The French bulldog also appeared in Harper Bazaar’s September 2014 cover alongside her platinum-selling owner. 


Bergdorf Goodman


New York’s luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman hit social media gold with the adorable hashtag #Barkdorfs posted on Instagram and Facebook. The campaign, which is a collaboration with PurseBlog, pairs fluffy puppies with chic handbags and gives each pooch a personality of its own. 


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