WHY: Light has a magical ability to shift and transform façades on architecture, creating visual masterpieces for the eye. Playing into the theme, David Linley has created three cabinets in its "Lightscape" series. The cabinets are Sunrise, Noon and Dusk.

The Noon cabinet, named The City Bureau, is a sophisticated solution to working at home. When closed, the objet d'art resembles a building cast in an afternoon shadow. The effect is created by a marquetry façade, made up of hand-dyed grey eucalyptus and black sycamore veneers with mother of pearl.

When open, the cabinet not only provides practical space for working thanks to a fold-down leather writing surface, but also features organised spaces for documents, writing essentials, stationery and technology in the form of drawers, pigeon holes with a secret compartment, removable document folders containing a leather bound notebook, and space for laptop and tablet storage. Taking the saying work hard, play hard into consideration, the cabinet also features a bespoke humidor which can hold up to a dozen cigars. There is also an Odyss infotainment device which can display the time, photographs, videos or maps, and doubles as a mirror.