Francis Yeung has more than 20 years' experience in travel management. As the business director of Luxe Travel, Yeung and his team tailor-makes travel itineraries for clients. With extensive travel experience and eyes on luxury, he offers STYLE readers his tips for these luxury travel experiences.

Up In The Air

Enjoy breath-taking views away from the hustle and bustle of tourists at heritage sites such as Myanmar's ancient city Bagan. The hot air balloon journey is an experience like no other.

Tip: Ask for a sunrise or sunset viewing for the most spectacular views. You will have a chance to enjoy the historical scene from a whole new perspective.


Glacial kayaking

Paddle alongside penguins, seals or whales as you take to the icy cold seas. Animals aside, glacial kayaking also offers stunning glacial beauty and Arctic adventures.

Tip: Seats are extremely limited for this unique expedition. High season is November to March each year, and bookings and reservations should be confirmed three to six months in advance.


Shark Diving

Take to the seas and get up close and personal with sharks with the help of an underwater cage.

Tip: Be sure to consult a doctor before your trip to ensure you have no hidden health issues. When in the water, keep calm and look directly at the shark. It'll help you feel safer.


Marine expedition

f heart-racing adventure is not your cup of tea, opt for a relaxing marine trip. Relax in a private pool at the eco-chic paradise at Club Med's new Finolhu Villas or discover an underwater paradise 33 metres below sea level.

Tip: If you want a longer holiday, consider island hopping to get the most out of your time there.


Cliff Jumping

Feel the adrenaline rush as you take a leap of faith. It will be a fall like no other thanks to stunning backdrops.

Tip: Choose a well-known and reliable travel consultant to arrange your trip and follow local professional guides to seek out the best spot. Don't forget to warm up before you jump.