HAPPENINGS: Hong Kong loves a good party - and what's a party without some Champagne? The house of Perrier-Jouët celebrated its signature creation with a garden party.

Transforming the popular nightclub into an enchanted garden with lush green and white hues, the party featured stunning floral arrangements, giant paper flyers and flashy lights.

The hip and stylish flocked to the event. Veronica Lam was spotted catching up with Otto and Tisha Chan. Also on the scene were Gregory Wong, Hilary Fan and Jeanne Lau. 


OVERHEARD I would never have associated Dragon-i with a garden party – but I like it.


CHIC CHAT with Gregory Wong

Champagne is usually reserved for parties and celebrations. What is your most memorable party to date?

The most unforgettable party I attended was in Taiwan. It was a surprise party one of my friends threw me right before [I came] back to Hong Kong.

Do you prefer to host or be a guest at a party?

Definitely a guest. I prefer to attend a party because it is [less stressful] and more enjoyable.

What's your style tip for a party?

Keep it simple but smart. That way [whatever the theme] you will match the ambience.

Any exciting projects coming up?

I've just done a short film, which has a very special [powerful] message. Stay tuned for that. I also have a film which will be released in November.