HAPPENINGS: Eyes are the windows to one's soul. With that in mind, beauty brand Shiseido celebrated the launch of its new product with a charity photo exhibition, showcasing the most precious things in the eyes of esteemed pioneers from different walks of life shot by renowned photographers Wing Shya and Chen Man.

The exhibition was open to the public and visitors were also invited to create their own "Apple of Their Eye" photographs to upload onto social media platforms. For each photo, the brand donated HK$10 to Orbis.

Celebrity guests Cherie Chung, Kelly Chen, Kary Ng and Andy Hui, who starred in the campaign, toasted to the opening of the exhibition. Chung, being an avid photographer herself, also contributed her own photographs to the exhibition. Also spotted on scene admiring the photos were Nicola Cheung and Candice Yu. 


OVERHEARD I love the campaign name: the Apple of Your Eye. How poetic.


CHIC CHAT with Candice Yu

What do you think of the "Apple of Your Eye" campaign?

I think this idea is very interesting. Our eyes are windows to the world, and I feel great to contribute to charity.

What is the "Apple of Your Eye"?

My two daughters are the people I treasure the most in my life. We have many special memories together.

What is your daily beauty routine for the delicate eye area?

I apply special skincare products such as serum to the eyes. I also try to avoid looking at computer screens and mobile phones for too long.

What beauty tips do you share with your two daughters?

I have taught them how to take care of their skin and eyes since they were young - so they do not have any fine lines.

By Tina Cheung