HOW MUCH: US$185,000

WHY: In Hong Kong, manoeuvring your way through busy traffic would make you question why you bought a vehicle.

Enter Hammacher-Schlemmer's made-to-order racing simulator. The machine guarantees a most realistic driving experience by incorporating two-paddle gear shifters, a steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake and clutch - all modified from racing cars.

The simulator uses linear servo actuators that cause its suspended, monocoque fibreglass chassis to roll, pitch, and rotate 360 degrees at up to 0.5G acceleration. Users can experience the thrill of extreme speed.

Twelve racing car models, including F1, are available, and the simulator supports a driver up to 136kg. It has a comfortable racing seat and a seatbelt to ensure the driver's safety.

Sixteen international road-courses are provided and displayed on a 108-inch wide, triple HD monitor with a 500W audio system.

Each simulator requires at least one month to produce. Extra customisation options are also available.