HAPPENINGS: October is breast cancer awareness month, and luxury cosmetics brand AMOREPACIFIC made its best effort to raise money for the cause. The brand has been donating proceeds from the sales of its Time Response Skin Renewal Crème to different charities throughout the year. From now until November 11, the beneficiary will be the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry founded by Dr Ava Kwong.

Hong Kong socialites have never shied away from the notion of looking good while doing good - so it came as no surprise that the city's finest flocked to the afternoon tea launch. Among the crowd we spotted Ming Ho Tang and Lynn Hsieh. Also on scene were mother-daughter duo Gloria and Mika Wysocki.


OVERHEARD I love the idea of making your skin look beautiful for a good cause.


CHIC CHAT with Ava Kwong

What are your tips for preventing cancer among working women?

There are many diseases, not only cancer, which show a big difference at an early stage. Many working women are busy and they don't go [for a check-up]. I think the first thing is to look after yourself despite your busy lifestyle. Be it for health or not, exercise!

What are your tips on becoming a successful woman?

My theory has always been "one person can't do it all". I work with great teams on research, medicine, charity and education. You have to make sure everybody works together happily and is working towards something great. You need to make [your team] believe in your vision.

What make-up tips do you have?

I have morning and night [beauty] routines. I take time to do facials and use masks. I also like to use sleeping products. I think skincare is the most important. If your skin is well taken care of, you can be flexible with your make-up.

Vivian Chen