Luxurious Fantasy Hi-Tech Study
Hk$4.25 Million 


WHO: Warren Foster- Brown, managing director of award-winning boutique interior designer firm FBEYE International in Singapore, founded the company in 2005. His portfolio includes numerous prestigious hotel projects for major brands including Westin, InterContinental, Four Seasons and Le Meridien. His projects span Asia and Europe, ranging from Singapore and Bali to Switzerland.



When invited by style to create a hi-tech study with an unlimited budget, interior designer Warren Foster-Brown went beyond our expectations.

The ultimate study, for him, is one which complements the user’s lifestyle. This state-ofthe- art study designed by Foster-Brown and his team is perfect for the ever-busy business executive who has a penchant for new technology to make life more efficient.

Foster-Brown’s vision was achieved, in part, by his choice of a subdued and nude palette, accented only with pops of colour. The result is a space where one can work, relax and play in comfort.

Keeping an eye on details, Foster-Brown and his team scatter elegant furnishings, lush fabrics and plush cushions around the room. Beyond that, the carpet is custom-designed and hand-woven with silk yarn detailing.

The design of the study truly takes into consideration that the modern professional needs to balance life to the fullest. The study has one section for relaxing and another for working. But there is no obvious dichotomy between the spaces.

“Tying the two together is a series of wall panelling, reclaimed and restored from an old historic home that fell into disrepair,” Foster-Brown says.

Foster-Brown infuses life into the study by including a large custom-designed bookcase filled with antique reference books. The touch of vintage reclaimed wood provides a contrast to the technology infused throughout the room, adding warmth and cosyness to the space.

It is also a way to take a look into the owner’s soul. Not only will the books on their shelves display their passions, but the types of paintings they choose to hang up will also shed light on their interests.

Combining form and function, a hidden safe is tucked inside the bookshelf.

The highlight of the room is the interactive multitouch display wall and desk arrangement.

“[Like in ] CSI, users can sit at their desk, without the use of a laptop, and cast their hand over the screen to move, arrange and send emails, pictures and documents, and even hold a video conference with the office and clients,” Foster-Brown says.

Work aside, the technology infused into the room can also be used for entertainment. The interactive system allows the user to control everything from mood lighting to curtains. A Bose music system can be controlled with just a tap of the finger.

In the living space, a wellstocked minibar – featuring exotic timbers and special compartments for glassware of varying sizes, an ice machine and freshly cut lemons, limes and olives – making it the perfect room for entertainment.

Along the bay window, which is dressed with plush cushions and furnishings, a small solarpanelled sensor is connected to a small recharging unit that enables phones, tablets and other gadgets to be charged in a hassle-free environment.

Luxury is in the details. In proving he truly designed for those who appreciate technology, Foster-Brown has included a nifty system called Eubiq in the room.

“Eubiq is a unique system that allows users to alter the location of power outlets without having to rewire, running on a track system,” he explains. “You simply twist and turn the socket to detach or attach it, offering complete flexibility.”

Whether for work or play, Foster-Brown and his team created a comfortable space that invites one to find solitude and zen.

A study should not be chaotic or stressful. “Everybody today needs a space to get away from it all – a sanctuary and an escape, both physically and mentally,” Foster-Brown says. With his study, he has created just that.