Hong Kong, are you ready for good hair days? International salon Jean Louis David has opened its first store in the city. The Paris-based brand specialises in strong, innovative hairdressing techniques. Helmed by star stylist Lorena Severi, the team offers a interesting personal styling experience like no other.

Meanwhile, Kim Robinson, hairstylist to fashionable elites such as Helen Ma and Bonnae Gokson, has just debuted a new book. His first guidebook, Go Get Gorgeous, encourages women to change their look and, ultimately, their lives. We're inclined to agree: the right cut and the right style certainly provides an extra boost of confidence.

STYLE caught up with award-winning hairstylist Lorena Severi of Jean Louis David (JLD), which just opened its flagship salon in Central’s New World Tower. The salon offers a unique luxury experience – think free-flowing Champagne, disposable Kimonos and towels, and purified water for shampooing.

1. Can you tell us your philosophy at JLD?

“Being current and taking pleasure in reflecting the clientele's evolving tastes and underlying desires." This is Jean Louis David's mantra. In our consultations, we focus on five key elements – your lifestyle, personality, taste in fashion, hair and body type, and your dream look.

2.  Can you share with us some autumn-winter trends?

 Hair is transformed, tousled, smoothed, curled and colours are explosive in defined contrasts.

3. Can you share with us some memorable experiences working with celebrities?

One of the most memorable experiences in my career is serving Sophia Loren. It’s because from my memory she was the first superstar and we are talking about over 30 years ago when I only did a shampoo for her.

Also, I remember a memorable meeting with soccer player Diego Maradona because I cut his hair when I was nine months pregnant with my son Matteo and I could hardly cut the hair as my belly was too big and for one moment, I was thinking to name my son Diego as Maradona was a god in the world of soccer lovers of that generation.

Here in Hong Kong I remember the first day I met Kelly Chen. She was absolutely shining! It was a memorable day for me as she was one of my first clients in Hong Kong.

4.  What's so special about the Balayage colouring technique?

Balayage is a very innovative method that we use at Jean Louis David to create contrast, tone and reflection within the hair and hairstyle. This adds body and movement within the client’s natural hair colour. This method is applied by a "shading technique" which is applied freehand to the hair, creating a three-dimensional movement and texture within the style. This technique is very gentle on the hair and maintains hair condition and a very natural and elegant result. Balayage gives the possibility to personalise the client’s hairstyle and colour, which in turn magnifies each client’s individual personality and characteristics.

5. If a client comes to you without knowing what she or he wants to do with their hair, what suggestions do you give them? 

One of the most important jobs for a stylist is to reveal the perfect look that suit the client’s physique, personality and lifestyle. Choosing a right hairstyle and hair colour is a combination of technical and psychological techniques. The psychological techniques are all about studying the personality and the lifestyle of the client. For the perfect haircut and hair colour, there are many different choices that need to be discussed with the clients.

6. Why is training your team in Paris crucial?

As a Jean Louis David client, you will soon discover our total commitment to quality, hygiene, and to your needs, and above all, to training. This commitment to total quality can only come to you through our people, which is why we place regular and total training at the heart of what we do. So once a year, our entire salon team is flown to Paris which is unique in Asia.

7. What is your definition of luxury?

Luxury is addictive. It’s comfort, elegance and simplicity, but not always in this specific order.