For HK$40.3 million

WHO: Stéphanie Coutas Based in Paris, Coutas is an interior designer and founder of Mille et Une Maisons, an agency specialising in interior architecture and decoration. Her portfolio spans residential interiors, commercial interiors and hotels. She also creates bespoke furnishings.



If you've ever dreamt of a closet that would even make Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City jealous, you wouldn't want to miss what interior designer Stéphanie Coutas has come up with. Armed with an unlimited budget, Coutas has made every fashionista's dream come true with her hi-tech walk-in closet. Coutas elevates a closet from a simple part of the house to a truly decadent part of the home.

"I imagine a huge suite with a lot different rooms," Coutas says of her overall design. "Each [room will have] a different purpose."

And if you thought a closet is a woman's domain, the designer is out to prove you wrong.

Split into "his" and "hers" sections, with an adjoining room in the middle, Coutas' lavish wardrobe is tailor-made for both genders. The meeting room in the middle featuring a plush sofa serves as a meeting point for the two. "An ideal closet comes with all the accessories," Coutas adds.

With that in mind, she placed the Grand Circle by Döttling in the room. The luxury cabinet is as much an art piece as a cabinet. It also functions as a watch winder, a pendulum clock, a bar, a cigar humidor, and a high-end sound system, making the room the perfect place to take your time and dress up. Luxury is in the details, and the designer handpicked two unique and luxe themes for the two sections.

For the men's area, she infused semi-precious stones in the rich, dark décor. Each stone has its own special meaning and represents a certain quality she hopes to bring to the owner. She chose a red jasper for strength and meditation, jade for power and luck, and citrine for wealth and abundance.

No corner is left untouched. "The main door frame is in bevelled burgundy crystal rocks," the designer explains. "Cabinets are made of precious Makassar ebony wood with a glossy finish and polished metal gold insertions. Gold leaves are featured on the arches to highlight passageways."

The women's section takes on a very different ambience. Coutas chose to use a lighter colour palette, including "a variation of pure white opale and palladium leaves". She plays with the idea of reflections by including different mirrors around the room. A chandelier decorated with crystal butterflies by Windfall adds to the luxurious atmosphere of the room. The designer also custom-designed a perfume cabinet. A special room keeps the jewellery safe. Keeping in tune with the overall luxurious atmosphere, the safe room, designed like a private boutique, features a Baccarat chandelier and accessories.

What the two sections have in common is the use of technology. Coutas has integrated a number of technological devices in the wardrobe, which are placed on the main mirrors in each section. With the system, users can insert the colour of the garment they want and an image will appear, informing the wearer "precisely where it is located", Coutas says.

Adding an additional element of fun to the entire experience, the hi-tech functions not only categorise and organise all your clothing choices, but can also screen previous fashion shows for the lady to seek inspirations for accessories. There is a screen showing haute couture fashion shows in her dressing room. A remote control will mark her favourite looks and the looks will then appear on a virtual model - modelled after the user. This makes for not only excellent visualisation, but will no doubt prove hours of fun. With a closet like this, we may not even make it to the party.