HAPPENINGS: When British pop-singer Rita Ora took to the stage clad in an extremely sexy leather outfit, the crowd went wild. Ora was in town for one of the most anticipated social events of the year, the fifth annual Landmark Boutique Boulevard, which saw the four Landmark buildings transformed into a major party destination.

Boutiques - including Jimmy Choo, Celine, Chloé and Carvan - hosted special sessions. From manicures to fashion portraits being drawn, there was something for everyone.

Restaurants within the establishment also served finger food throughout the evening.

Needless to say, our city's finest socialites and party regulars were out in force. We spotted Ming Ho Tang, Harris Chan and Nicola Yeung enjoying the soiree. Fashion blogger Bryanboy especially flew into town for the event. Victoria Tang Owens and Christopher Owens were also among the crowd.


OVERHEARD Hong Kong’s VIPS are all here tonight. What a turnout.


CHIC CHAT with Rita Ora

This is your first time in Hong Kong. How does it feel?

I really love the energy. The food has been amazing and the people have been so helpful and friendly.

Is there anything on your Hong Kong bucket list?

I heard the shopping is incredible. I also just want to hang out - go to the local [hot spots] and [experience] life in Hong Kong.

Do you have any fashion tips for us?

I never follow rules. There's a sense of confidence you have to gain before you take the next step [and after that] you can even wear dresses with drawings on them.

Tell us about your new album.

The album comes out next January, because I am focusing on [the British TV show] X Factor right now. It's really exciting because I started [my career] when I was 14 and I'm now 24 and this will be my first global release.