If you’re strolling inside Lane Crawford Home, you are bound to come across Elad Yifrach’s beautiful designs. He launched his brand L’Objet in 2004 and has since taken the world by storm with his minimalistic and elegant designs.

The designer was invited by Lane Crawford to create a candle to celebrate the store’s 165th anniversary. He stopped by Hong Kong to showcase his work.  He tells STYLE about his inspirations and the collaboration.

Q: Tell us about your collaboration with Lane Crawford.

A: Lane Crawford approached me and asked me to create something for its 165th celebration. I did a little bit of research on its history and [put it] together with my experience at Lane Crawford today, and created this beautiful fragrance.

Q: You created some beautiful candles. What is the significance of the numbers?

A: The candles are all inspired by my travels. I wanted to create a new system around it. When you travel, what [you take away] with you are memories. What leaves the strongest impression in our memory is the sense of smell. With that, we also remember numbers very well. So I wanted to link them together with a fragrance. I think it is a way of doing something that’s also a little more graphic. 

A smell is just a scent. Fragrance is literature. When you create a fragrance, a lot of emotions and romance go into it. I wanted to bring that to life with the fragrances I created.  Of course, every fragrance has a story to it – and the story has a number in it. There are three fragrances and also one exclusively for Lane Crawford’s 165th celebration.

Q: You also have a background in interior design. How is it different from creating household objects and now a candle?

A: It is different but it feels very organic to me, going from one principle to another … it’s all about creating a beautiful lifestyle and experience. To me, the environment, especially at home, is not complete if you don’t have a beautiful fragrance. When people ask me what is the most important thing at home and I’d say, of course, something that represents its character but also the good balance between smell and light, because these are the two things that really set the tone and the [ambience]. You always need a very good balance of light and, of course, the smell is the first thing that you will notice.

Q: You mentioned that travel inspires you. Is there anything in particular that inspires you?

A:  There’s a saying: a person who doesn’t travel is like [someone] reading a book but only reading the first page. A part of being rich is to travel, and experience and understand a different culture.

Q: Has Hong Kong inspired you?

A: This is my 5th or maybe 6th time I have been to HK and I love it. I love the strong [contrast] [between] the new and the old, and the different influences, such as British and Chinese, and their amazing way of blending.The energy here inspires me. Hong Kong has high energy but, at the same time, it also has the calm of the Asian lifestyle. There is a lot of balance here.

Q: Speaking of balance, how do you find balance?

A: I do a lot of yoga and I travel a lot so I get to escape from it all, which I think makes a big difference.