If, like us, you think that having the perfect shoe as something akin to a religious experience, you'll be interested to know that famed Florence shoemaker Stefano Bemer will be coming to a store near you. Stefano once trained Daniel Day Lewis in shoemaking for 10 months in his workshop, and the brand is synonymous with crafting quality, bespoke tailored shoes for royalty and celebrities alike.

CEO Tommaso Melani draws on his experience from family business Scuola del Cuoio, a monastery that specialised in producing handmade leather bags, and is planning to highlight Stefano Bemer's made-to-order service and expand its reach to more locations worldwide. "Each of our ateliers and stores are managed by staff trained in shoemaking in Florence, and therefore we'll offer our clients a very important 'craft' perspective in their experience, in order to better showcase and demonstrate the quality of our creations," Melani says. He is planning He is planning an opening in New York City in February 2016 and a third Milan store later that year, and will visit Hong Kong early next year to plan for a direct atelier in the city.