Event Debrett's Global Series Launch
Where British Consulate-General, Admiralty

Happenings: The prestigious Debrett's 100 list chose Hong Kong as the place to launch its first global series beyond Britain. The heritage luxury authority on achievement, etiquette and style has published Debrett's Hong Kong 100 in collaboration with South China Morning Post.

Since 1769, Debrett's has been chronicling the social status of members of British aristocracy. The Hong Kong edition includes members of the city's elite who excel in 10 fields, including arts, film, business, fashion, technology and science. Those who made the list include entrepreneur Douglas Young of G.O.D., writer Xu Xi, and Serena Chan of Zone A Gallery. Debrett's CEO Joanne Milner and Robin Hu, CEO of SCMP Group, were among those in attendance at the stellar event held at the British consulate. 


CHIC CHAT with Joanne Milner

Why did Debrett's choose Hong Kong to launch its first global series?

Hong Kong is a world-class city with a long history of global impact, and it's at the heart of the international conversation on many fronts. Debrett's also opened its first overseas office here last year.

What do you think are some criteria for Debrett's recipients of today?

The Debrett's Hong Kong 100 is different from other lists in that wealth is not a determining factor. Recipients should be making an impact on their industry and on people's daily lives.

Where else are you hoping to launch the global series?

We have a few exciting places in mind - Singapore, Dubai, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Shanghai, Sydney and New York.

What is your definition of luxury?

Luxury is about more than a product - it's an experience.