IT’S JANUARY, WHICH means it’s “detox time” again. Chances are you’re still recovering from the aftermath of your holiday celebrations. Whether it’s from having a meal or a drink too many, or you’re simply feeling sluggish after a well-rested couple of weeks, it’s time to refresh yourself in order to start the new year feeling bright and cheery.

Enter our dream detachable detox pod designed by architectural designer Anzon Wong, who believes Hong Kong’s “work hard, play harder” mentality and hectic lifestyle, coupled with the city’s dense high-rises and cramped living spaces, can make finding a therapeutic space a challenge.

Seeking to create the perfect peaceful enclave, Wong opted for a detachable unit which can be installed in your home when detox sessions are required and stored away afterwards.

“A permanent space for meditation [and other relaxing activities] is not efficient,” Wong says. “A detachable space provides flexibility.”

Flexibility is the perfect word to describe Wong’s design. The beauty of his dream detox pod lies in the fact that the unit is detachable and therefore available at home at your convenience.

As part of the package deal when you commission the design and building of the detachable detox pod, there is a storage service offered. This option means the pod can fully focus on assisting your detox process – be it recovering from the overconsumption of food and beverages, the overuse of technology or simply the hustle and bustle of city life.

And the pod’s use extends beyond post-holiday detox. It is also the perfect enclave for those who are looking for some quality private time away from daily work and stress.

Wong envisions his detachable detox pod to be a perfect fit for Hong Kong’s high-rises. “The platform is designed for high-rise buildings, so it can be installed without obstruction,” he says. The designer adds that placing it high up will add to the user’s experience by offering the utmost privacy and tranquillity.

The pod can be placed on the user’s rooftop, in a garage, in the garden or in a spare room.

Continuing to embrace the notion of flexibility, the options for activities in the pod are extensive. The space is large enough to meditate or practise yoga, and it is also suitable to just kick back and relax in.

The pod is entirely solarpowered, as it is Wong’s vision that the unit be “self-sustained, [with] no external energy required”. The designer achieves this by using an integrated photovoltaic cladding for the external material of the pod, which also gives the unit a dark exterior shell.

Each pod comes stocked with wholesome goodies ranging from healthy snacks such as green juices, nuts and fruits, to an array of books and music.

To store all the healthy treats, Wong has included a Jenn-Air custom built-in refrigerator.

He also has installed a Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audio system. so that the user can enhance their experience with soothing, relaxing background sounds such as crashing waves or the gentle twitter of birds, or a selection of classical music.

With his detachable detox pod, Wong has created the ultimate sanctuary for your home. With a luxurious hideaway like this, you may want to consider scheduling monthly detox sessions to ensure some quality time alone.

Anzon Wong is a senior architectural designer who believes that a critical analysis of the specificities of programme, site and function is essential to the creation of successful design projects. He approaches interiors and building projects with the same mindset – by providing holistic design solutions from concept, construction drawings and specification documents through to procurement and implementation.