What: Imperiali Geneve Emperador Cigar Chest
How much: About US$1 Million

Why: Taking veteran artisans thousands of hours of work, the Emperador cigar chest is a fit for your finest Cuban smokes. Featuring 2,675 components, the cigar chest features a complicated mechanism that safeguards your precious collection. Secured with a password, a series of planetary gears which revolves around a tourbillon timepiece in the centre will trigger a mechanism that opens up the chest. The centrepiece, featuring 323 components made in the Swiss Jura, is meticulously decorated with Clous de Paris guilloche.

The chest holds 24 cigars, each stored in an individual glass tube. The cigars are plated in four layers of 24ct gold leaf. Three dials that show the relative humidity and temperature, the power reserve and the number of cigars remaining are elegantly displayed on the top layer of the chest. A constant humidity level of 70 per cent and temperatures from 16 to 18 degrees Celsius guarantee your cigars stay fresh.

The chest also comes with tools such as a cutter, a table lighter and an ashtray that help you better enjoy your cigar. The tools are crafted in the same spirit of the chest. The cigar cutter, for example, is guided by a laser beam that indicates the cutting point to the millimetre to ensure precision while the ashtray comes with motion sensors that open in a fraction of a second to collect the golden dust as the wrapper burns. Only 12 chests are produced each year.