After a stressful day at work, nothing can be better than soaking in a hot bath, especially in the rustic Caijou Le Grand Queen Bathtub.

Designed by Simon Krapf, the extraordinary bathtub is made of exotic Caijou, which is known for its healing ability. The 180-million-year-old petrified wood embodies a timeless story and allows buyers to own a piece of history. The bathtub is designed for two with a length up to 205cm, taking relaxation to another level.

About 120,000 working hours are spent on finding and excavating a piece of Caijou large enough for the bathtub. Then expert craftsmen spend months to polish the piece. The result is subtle elegance and ultimate comfort. Entirely extracted from the wild, the texture, pattern, colours and form of each Caijou is one-of-a-kind and so are the resulting pieces.

The rareness of this fossilised wood explains the bathtub's limited quantity and staggering price tag.

The manufacturer holds the most precious material for another seven bathtubs. It offers bespoke services to customers, from the form and function of the bathtub to its ornaments. It takes two to three months for a bathtub to be completed.

Customers can order via e-mail, and designers will visit the customers or their architect to finish the design before production starts.