While some couples enjoy going out for a fancy dinner cooked by master chefs, others may want to make this special day of the year memorable with their own signature. Here are some quick tips from STYLE to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Cocktail

Nothing but sweet and rosy - surprise your beloved with this divine but easy-to-make cocktail, "Love Bird", following mixologist Antonio Lai's secret recipe:40ml Ketel One vodka20ml Strawberry liqueur20ml Lemon juice10ml Pink peppercorn syrup5ml Monin rose syrup

STYLE's Tip: Practise for a few times before you really make it for your partner. Make sure the cocktail carries a fruity sweetness with a hint of spiciness.


Glowing Complexion

Apart from the attire, women may also want to show off clear, hydrated and bright skin. To look your best on Valentine's Day, start intensive skincare routines around a week ahead.

STYLE's Tip: Don't forget to gently wash and exfoliate skin first and then layer on the nutrients. Look for products with ingredients which tackle your skin problems. Chanel's new Sublimage La Crème provides all-round care with an extra pump on firming.


Lingerie Game

Looking pretty on the outside is not enough; feeling sexy on the inside is on Valentine's Day. Lingerie expert Lisa Cheng highlights the Guipure embroidery trend that would stun both you and your other half. The Aurora Collection by Fleur of England is available at Sheer.

STYLE's Tip: Get a modest look without going too far by picking lingerie with delicate floral patterns and luxuriously woven.


Read to Beat

Blogger Garance Doré has finally put her wry, witty thoughts down in a beautifully illustrated book,Love x Style x Life. The modern-day style equivalent of Kate Spade's etiquette books, flip through the funny, elegant and charming chapters on how to mix and match in fashion, career tips and expert love advice. Available at Bookazine.

STYLE's Tip: This is definitely worth getting in hard copy, as it's different to see the illustrations and photos in book form.