HAPPENINGS: Poppy Delevingne, the style icon known for her Bohemian chic, is one of the most sought-after muses by designers around the globe, the latest of whom is the charming Colombian designer Edgardo Osorio.

The two fashion stars hosted the launch party, unveiling their collaborative capsule collection Poppy Delevingne X Aquazzura which combines Edgardo's attention to detail and Poppy's Bohemian touch.

The event attracted socialites including Deborah Hung, Rachel Monballiu, Jacqueline Chow, Veronica Lam and Baroness of Inchdrewer Olga Roh. Also spotted were Helen Ma, Olivia Buckingham, Charmaine Ho and Angie Ng. 


OVERHEARD Jolie Chan and Veronica Lam Deborah Hung What Poppy’s wearing is so chic. I want to steal her style.


CHIC CHAT with Poppy Delevingne

How did the collaboration begin?

I met Edgardo in Paris a few years back and I was wearing a pair of his shoes. We bonded very quickly and came up with the idea of doing a collection together because Aquazzura has always been a brand that I can associate myself with.

How would your describe Aquazzura's designs?

Every single season, he seems to tell a story. Every collection is different but they all remain true to Aquazzura's [style] and there is always a sense of humour that makes them light-hearted. The way he creates and the attention to detail are sublime.

How did you combine both of your signature features into the collection?

I realised that my style is very Bohemian and I just gave it a little Bohemian injection, but the design still stays very true to Aquazzura as a brand. It's not that far off but it does have a little Poppy injection.