Fashion students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) displayed their talent at the Fashion Showcase held at the heritage campus amid the cheers of more than 350 guests.

Hong Kong-based actress Annie Lui was the special guest. She mingled with SCAD students and shared her experience as a luxury fashion spokesperson and model.

Among the guests were Victoria Tang, the daughter of the founder of Shanghai Tang, and her husband Christopher Owen. The event also attracted industry guests including designers Charmaine Ho, Ranee K and Noel Chu. 


OVERHEARD Annie Liu and models I love the music, the vibes, the pieces on stage and everything else.


CHIC CHAT with Annie Liu

What were your expectations of the show?

I was told that the students were inspired by ordinary things around them, which is similar to what I do as an actress. I had hoped to see more interaction with details and people in their lives in their designs.

What is your expectation of fashion?

Creativity is important, not just for the designs but also the materials used. There are more environmentally friendly designs using recycled materials.

Do you have any advice for fashion students or young designers?

Be brave and passionate. Just go for it. That's what I did.

What's your new year resolution?

To celebrate my 10th participation in the marathon. I am selling tailor-made marathon-themed soap to raise funds for a rare disease called mucopolysaccharidosis.

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