HAPPENINGS: Pop icon Madonna has teamed up with MTG, Japan's leading beauty device company, to launch MDNA Skin, revealing an impressive skincare collection made of natural ingredients exclusively from Montecatini, Italy.

One of the collection's highlights is the edgy Rejuvenator Set, featuring a magnetic force mechanism that allows one end of the device to pull out a layer of clay mask without touching the face, while the other end used to stimulate absorption.

Among the guests were singer Shirley Kwan, models Jade Leung-Lui and Cara G McIlroy, emcee Rabeea Yeung, actress Raquel Xu and socialites Gigi Ho and Pansy Ho. 


OVERHEARD If it’s by Madonna, it must be worth trying.


CHIC CHAT with Cara G McIlroy

How is your childrenswear label going?

It's good. I've sent one order to London, two to Singapore and about seven to Hong Kong. That's OK for one week, and I'm pretty proud.

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Hopefully, I am going to expand my children's brand. I actually have a lot of samples that never went through production, because I think a children's brand is quite high-risk. So, I just want to start with a few key products that I feel would sell easily.

What is your daily beauty regimen?

It depends if I'm working or not. If I'm not working, I just slap on some moisturiser and sunscreen. If my children are awake, I barely have time for a moisturiser. But if they are asleep, then I tone and cleanse, and use a serum. I really love oils.

What ingredients do you look for in your skincare?

I choose ingredients that are as natural as can be. Not all of my skincare products are organic, but most of them are.