Champagne connoisseurs may want to place an order with Moët & Chandon to enjoy its latest creation: MCIII. The name itself is a tribute to the maison's artisanship; "MC" refers to Moët & Chandon, while "III" refers to the number of different ageing stratums the brand used.

The MCIII gives traditional Champagne a contemporary twist by blending five vintages together to create a new experience. Crowd-favourites, such as the Grand Vintage 2006, Grand Vintage 2002 and Grand Vintage Collection 1999, are blended together and aged across three different mediums: metal, wood and glass, in that order.

The result is a bubbly that's light yet complex. Its aroma is mature, with hints of coffee, malt and praline, and fruity at the same time, with notes of citron, kumquat and citrus peel. And instead of drinking it from a traditional Champagne flute, enjoy it from a large wine glass to fully savour its sophisticated taste and texture.