WHY: To have an all-round dining experience, gourmet cuisine is of paramount importance, followed by the environment including the table which works up an appetite.

The Homune table may be made from ordinary materials, but the exquisite craftsmanship and technology of Czech glass-making house Lasvit - together with the innovative design from prominent British-born and Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young - transform the everyday object into a piece of glass artwork.

Composed of a hand-blown glass base and a hand-blown crystal table top, the special-edition table makes use of the world's first glass-blowing technology developed by Lasvit based on the 3D visuals of the multidimensional design. The team first manufactures special steel moulds in which the glass is blown into. The glass fractals are then cut at different lengths into functional structures and then put together as one table.

Supporting a clear crystal table top, the table base grabs the attention. The geometric structure is made up of 36 individual elements in six different forms repeating six times. The combined fragments create the illusion of endless constructions, and the multifacets beautifully reflect light.