BENSIMON The Isom oblong coffee table is an eye-catching and edgy centrepiece for the living room, HK$20,000


DEDON The spacious TIGMI is the perfect combination of a sofa and a shade that instantly brings you to a relaxing holiday scene, HK$148,365


CHRISTOFLE Thanks to this tea fountain made of borosilicate glass, you can serve guests free-flowing beverages without the heavy weightlifting, HK$20,290


CADAC Kick off a sizzling-hot barbecue and pool party with the award-winning CADAC Braai Maxx Gas BBQ, featuring five interchangeable cooking surfaces. Available at Everything Under The Sun, HK$20,900


ARMANI CASA The Joe tris board game is an addition to the Hero Dominos set, featuring a luxurious Canaletto walnut board covered with leather, HK$12,900