I now believe climate change is real. I used to be a sceptic, but now I've seen first-hand global warming and the wardrobe chaos it is causing in my own life. We need to halt this environmental catastrophe because the extreme conditions it creates will be disastrous.

When our planet boils over, trust me, it will be too hot or too cold to wear anything fashionable. Dressing up will be the last thing you want to do when it's baking hot all the time, and there's a reason why designers don't release Antarctica-inspired collections.

Sadly, I still know people who won't accept the science or acknowledge that the earth is heating up. They persist in thinking that nature is to be tamed like a wild animal, and no vegan tree-hugger is going to prevent them from eating shark's fin or wearing a mink coat when the temperature dips to a bone-chilling 16 degrees Celsius.

They say Hong Kong is all for laissez faire. So, it's our right to blast the air con to a frigid low temperature in order to comfortably eat hotpot in July. Isn't this a clause in the

Basic Law?

What changed my mind about the issue are not the studies about glaciers melting or crazy weather spreading across the globe. My consciousness started with minor inconveniences like going on ski trips and finding a lot less snow than there used to be. The artificial powder is just not as nice as the real thing. Okay, first world problems, I admit.

But this past Hong Kong winter convinced me things are getting worse. The dramatic swing in temperature just made dressing each day a chaotic mess. From nice comfortable autumn sweater weather, we suddenly plunged down to three degrees. Remember that chilly morning? Frost-chasers went up to Lantau to see what ice looks like. News flash: you can see ice anytime by adding HK$2 to your lemon tea.

Then last month, temperatures dipped down to 10 degrees again after a stretch of warm days in the mid-20s. And I had just packed away all my winter clothes and updated the closet with newly purchased spring and summer wardrobe.

If these extreme fluctuations continue, my clothes from different seasons will all be mixed up together. I thought only Paris and Milan are allowed to turn the sartorial calendar upside down by showing new spring/summer fashion in September and autumn/winter collections in springtime. If everyone else is doing this, then it'll be fashion anarchy.

I miss the old days when weather changed gradually. Sweltering temperatures didn't continue until November and you didn't need a cashmere scarf in March. This is why I stand with the growing legion of eco-activists bringing awareness about global warming. Living green is good. Although, wearing green not so much.

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