HAPPENINGS: The city's well-heeled gentlemen turned out en masse at J.M. Weston's boutique in Central's Hutchison House. The French shoemaker held a cocktail party to launch the all-new Spring collection of its iconic loafers, "Le Moc", a classic moccasin that is rendered in a rainbow of hues and different kinds of leather. Guests including Kam Kwok-leung, Charles Yang and Cyrus Chow got an insider's view of the craftsmanship behind J.M. Weston's signature shoes while enjoying exquisite canapes and free-flowing bubbly. We also spotted Hollywood actress Celina Jade of Arrow fame checking out shoes for her loved ones. 


OVERHEARD Men’s choice of shoes really says a lot about who they are.


CHIC CHAT with Celina Jade

Do you judge a man by his shoes?

Yes. I think [the fact that] a guy knows how to wear good shoes says a lot about his personality.

How so?

You can be super casual in a T-shirt and jeans, but a good pair of shoes can elevate your whole outfit.

What's your favourite shoes for a guy?

I like suede loafers, but when I met my boyfriend, he was wearing sandals.

Can you tell us about your new projects?

I'm still on Arrow which is shooting in Vancouver. I still like to be in Hong Kong because it's home.