EL:AR Made of stainless steel with durable plastic blades, the Outdoor Elements II fan is waterproof. Price on request


OVO Inspired by the art of knitting, the comfortable yet stylish Cabaret Easy Armchair features woven fabric-wrapped foam knitted around a steel frame, HK$24,600


NOMADOUS The Lwazi folding screen is a sophisticated space divider. Inspired by the Zulu tribe, the screen features a vibrant colour palette and includes a myriad of luxe finishes including gold leaf, copper leaf and Macassar ebony. Price on request


DAVID LINLEY Keep your guests entertained for hours with the elegant Classic Games Table. Made from walnut and inlaid with Macassar ebony, the table features a chess board, card table and backgammon board, about HK$273,220


SKOGSBERG & SMART Keep the party going into the evening with the sleek Hurricane lamp. The warm candlelight creates a relaxing ambience, HK$9,900