Ralph Lauren has joined in the battle against cancer. The Ralph Lauren Centre for Breast Cancer Research was opened last month by the Duke of Cambridge at the Royal Marsden in Chelsea.

The centre was made possible thanks to funds donated by supporters of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and a generous donation made by Ralph Lauren, who has been a long-time friend of the charity and a supporter of the fight against cancer.

The centre has integrated its clinical and laboratory research facilities and also houses an endocrinology lab and an immunochemistry lab. The latest technological developments in cancer research allows the centre to run rapid and in-depth analysis of the disease. For example, during his tour, Prince William, who is also the president of the Royal Marsden, saw how 200 breast tumour samples could be simultaneously analysed on a single slide. The aim is to develop pioneering research efforts to increase accuracy in identifying molecular differences between tumours to offer optimal treatment options to each patient, thus reducing the recurrence and mortality rate.