Moynat celebrates its long history with a new art book filled with double-page spreads of beautiful photos and illustrated inserts depicting the maison's exclusive expertise and know-how. Fans of the Parisian house are treated to stunning behind-the-scenes images of artisans executing detailed angle stitching with linen thread, hand-painting clients' initials onto trunks, and polishing leather, padlocks and bridge handles.

The maison has historically been a trailblazer in the trunk and bag business, from its first patent for a waterproof trunk back in 1854, to its iconic Réjane bag inspired by the celebrated actress Gabrielle Réjane, a dear friend of founder Pauline Moynat. From its creation in 1849 by Pauline, to its resurrection in 2010 at the hands of LVMH, and its stylistic revival spearheaded by creative director Ramesh Nair, Moynat has managed to preserve its timeless appeal.