To complement the launch of its Overseas collection, Vacheron Constantin announced its collaboration with legendary photographer Steve McCurry earlier this year.  The photographer is capturing the beauty of 12 different locations across the globe. The journey began in Geneva this February and now continues onto the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Our journey in Japan


Konnichiwa from Kyoto!


Enjoying our session on Vacheron Constantin's rich history of unique watchmaking.



A zen vegetarian lunch with fellow Overseas 'tourists' at Taizo-In, a Buddhist temple located in northwestern Kyoto with a history spanning over 600 years.


Finding our zen in Kyoto with a sand garden, Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement) class, and traditional tea ceremony led by a fourth-generation master.




Whisked away to another world! Geisha and maiko performing at Kyo Yamato, a restaurant that used to be a monk’s residence during the 19th century. 


 The evening ends on a high note with this amazing view of the city.





We are on Shinkansen to Tokyo!


Taking notes on a photo tips session by Photographer Steve McCurry, who collaborates with Vacheron Constantin for the Overseas collection.


Guests are greeted by McCurry's photos showing the first six locations of the Overseas Tour.


Innovative virtual reality stations at the gala take guests on an interactive journey


Enjoying the Overseas Tour gala dinner prepared by renowned chef Yamada Chikara


McCurry giving a speech at the gala dinner


Thrilled by music performance by supergroup METAFIVE