There is something disarming about Albert Wong when he steps into the Lamborghini showroom. As the director of Kingsway Cars, Lamborghini’s official dealer in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, he is also advisory director with Isola Capital, a multifamily office involved in investments. It doesn’t stop there. Six years ago, he co-founded the JVSakk Group that offers, among other services, securities brokerage and private banking solutions.

He admits it isn’t easy to find time in a busy city, but the time spent in one’s car makes a difference. “Living in the city, you do not have much time to yourself. You’ve got so many things to manage, your family, your friends, your work. A lot of our customers enjoy being in the car. Just 10 or 20 minutes from your home to the office – that’s your time.”

Wong’s schedule is busiest in the morning. His eldest daughter has started school and he has been getting up early to drop her off on his way to work. Wong often has breakfast with his semi-retired father to catch up on the latest in the business. “Any questions, I want to pull from his experience,” Wong says. Or he has morning meetings with his management team from Kingsway or with his other businesses.

He worked in trading in his younger years, he explains, but now that his family are business owners, Wong finds himself more involved with the strategic, or corporate, development side of the platform.

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Work with clients and the Lamborghini factory in Italy picks up in the afternoon. That is when his social networking and logistics responsibilities start. Wong pours himself into his work. “For a car brand, especially like Lamborghini, it is very cyclical in terms of [the] product life cycle. We have been quite fortunate that we’ve had quite a few home runs lately. We had the Aventador in 2011 and, two years ago, we launched the Huracán, the brand-new V10 model.

“We say ‘entry-level’, but it is actually at the cutting-edge of technology,” he adds.

Many Lamborghinis have become collectors’ items. “Last year, even though it was our most successful, we produced just a little over 3,000 cars globally.

“In the old days, when [we had] just started as dealers, Lamborghini was only producing around 200 [cars] globally a year… When we talk about the investment value of cars, there is definitely a market there. It is becoming an asset class. We have seen a lot of vintage cars going up in value very quickly.”

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Hong Kong roads are perceived as not being conducive for driving expensive cars, but Wong explains that this is not what having a luxury car is about for him.

“It is about the journey between point A and point B. How do you get there? Do you enjoy it? Do you have the satisfaction of working hard in your life and now owning something you dream about?” To Wong, contemplating these notions is more important than how fast one can drive. “It is not about how quickly you get there, but how you get there [that] is more important.”

This article was originally published in XXIV

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