Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye-kyo is rumoured to be making a comeback in new K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up – what we know so far

Fans have waited patiently for a new drama starring The Full House and Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye-ko – are their hopes about to be answered? Photo: @kyo1122/ Instagram
For those that consider Song Hye-kyo to be the queen of K-drama, some good news: it looks like she might soon return to our screens after a two-year break, in Now, We Are Breaking Up. Though her agency has not yet confirmed the details, we can’t help but get excited ahead of time – let’s dust off the red carpet ready for our queen’s comeback, shall we? It’s time for a recap.

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If confirmed, it will be her first drama in two years

The last drama Song starred in after her marriage to Song Joong-ki was Encounter. The drama sent K-fans wild because of the between of the on-screen chemistry between Song and Park Bo-gum, especially since Park Bo-gum is widely known to be one of Song Joong-ki’s good friends.
The melodrama peaked in the ratings with an impressive 10.3 per cent audience share, according to Nielson, and Song’s fashion and make-up garnered just as much attention from audiences as her acting. However, she failed to take on any other projects after this one, making any potential comeback even more special for Song fans, especially since this is her first project since her highly publicised divorce.

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Her eye for choosing successful K-dramas is well known. Before Encounter she starred in Descendants of the Sun, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Full House. Since earning a reputation for being the queen of melodrama, new series Now, We Are Breaking Up could be another smart pick if indeed she is confirmed as one of the cast members.

She plays the part of a fashion designer, something new for her

Whenever she takes on a new role, Song’s on-screen fashion always seem to go viral – and the rumoured prospect of her playing a fashion designer in Now, We Are Breaking Up promises to multiply the effect.

In the past she has successfully taken on the part of a doctor, an aspiring writer, an heiress, and even a director.


According to Soompi, quoting Ilgan Sports, her character in the drama, Ha Young-eun, leads a design team at a fashion label and is “a cold-hearted realist who is smart and prioritises safety above all things.”

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Song Hye-kyo was originally not chosen to be a lead role

Hardcore K-drama fans will already know that Now, We are Breaking Up was originally slated to be broadcast within this year, so why did it take so long for us to hear about Song Hye-kyo as a possible lead?

K-drama queens Song Hye-kyo and Soo Ae. Photo: @kyo1122, @sooaeonline/Instagram

Soo Ae – also known as a bona fide K-drama queen thanks to her glamorous roles in High Society, A Thousand Days’ Promise, and Athena: Goddess of War – was originally expected to take a lead role. However, her agency announced that Covid-19 had caused unexpected changes to her schedule, and that she was no longer able to join the production.

Similarly Teo Yoo, who currently stars in Netflix series The School Nurse Files and has also been in Money Game and Black Money, was among the initial list of names touted to play a lead in the drama. He also bowed out due to a change in his schedule.


It’s not surprising that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the drama production, which is also believed to feature a handful of overseas location shoots.

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Yoon Jung-hee, Song Hye-kyo’s rival back in 2008, may now star alongside her

K-drama queens Song Hye-kyo and Yoon Jung-hee. Photo: @kyo1122, @parkmiran84/ Instagram

Back in 2008, there was a fight for fans’ eyeballs between the two K-drama queens: Song Hye-kyo was in Worlds Within, while Yoon Jung-hee was starring in Family’s Honor. Many K-drama fans couldn’t decide which drama to watch first, or who they liked more. Now, 12 years later, Yoon Jung-hee is rumoured to have a supporting role in Now, We Are Breaking Up, bringing the pair together on the same project.


While Yoon Jung-hee’s role has not yet been confirmed, many fans are hopeful since it would also mark her first small screen project in seven years.

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