Are Blackpink’s Jennie and G-Dragon really each other’s type? The K-pop couple talked about their ideal romantic partners years before ‘dating’ – here’s why they’re a match

Jennie and G-Dragon are both Chanel ambassadors ... and romantic partners? Photo: Chanel
Fans haven’t stopped buzzing about Jennie and G-Dragon, K-pop’s new hottest couple, since news of their relationship broke last week.
Naturally, now we’re wondering if there were any hints about their relationship that we might have missed – especially when other Korean celebrity couples had us facepalming over not realising sooner.

After some digging, we found that Jennie and G-Dragon have both discussed their ideal types in the past and – how about that? – they seem to have described each other to a T.

4 reasons Blackpink’s Jennie and G-Dragon make the perfect K-pop couple

Here’s everything we know …

G-Dragon’s type: someone who loves music, cooking and helping him learn

G-Dragon knows what he wants in a woman. Photo: @gdragon_offical/Instagram

G-Dragon debuted with BigBang 15 years ago, which means he’s had ample time to discuss his type on different TV shows over the years. In 2011, he appeared on SBS’ Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time and confessed that, “I like women who cook well and have much knowledge in other fields that I am not familiar with.” 

Jennie preparing a meal. Photo: @MlLFlRENE/Twitter

And, lo and behold, Jennie appears to be a confident cook. In the reality show Blackpink House, she often led the rest of the band in cooking sessions, producing goodies like two-toned chocolate and strawberry macarons. Her bandmates even jokingly call her Jennie Ramsey. She has also posted videos of herself cooking on her YouTube channel.

It’s probably safe to assume her cooking skills are attractive to G-Dragon – as is her linguistic talent, as she’s a polyglot who can speak Korean, English, Japanese and French.

G-Dragon talked about what he likes in a significant other once again on SBS reality show Thank You in 2013. He described marriage as a “friendship”, saying he hoped his wife would enjoy music. He even said he’d like to let his loved one listen to his work first so that she could give him feedback on it.

Of course, G-Dragon and Jennie are both signed with YG Entertainment and clearly like hip-hop. As any diehard K-pop fan will know, both idols spent six gruelling years as trainees and have been passionate about music since they were young.

Jennie’s type: someone who is trustworthy and manly

Jennie from Blackpink has her type down. Photo: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

During an interview with Arirang Radio in 2017, when the Blackpink members were asked if they preferred guys who are cute or sexy, Jennie shyly responded “sexy” – and G-Dragon’s photos probably speak for themselves on that front.

G-Dragon isn’t shy. Photo: Handout
She got into more detail during her appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros in 2017, saying that her ideal was “Kang Ho-dong’s body, Lee Soo-geun’s personality and Gong Yoo’s face”. She also said that she cares more about personality than looks, preferring someone who is trustworthy and manly. It’s reasonable enough to assume that G-Dragon would be reliable enough for Jennie to depend on, given that he’s her senior by eight years and that BigBang debuted a full decade before Blackpink.

Jennie emphasised the importance of reliability again in an episode of SBS’ Village Survival, the Eight in 2018, where she revealed five things men can do to make her heart flutter. Her No 1? “When a guy remembers something I mentioned [I wanted] in the past and does it for me.” No 2, meanwhile, was, “When a guy listens carefully to what I say”.

What about their chemistry over the years?

Written in the stars? G-Dragon and Jennie. Photo: @peaceminusone/Instagram
So Jennie and G-Dragon have plenty of things in common and even satisfy each other’s ideal type, but what was their relationship like before they officially announced that they’re dating?

In May 2020, Jennie did her very first Instagram Live, which showed her unboxing a pair of sunglasses inside a recording studio. And guess who showed up during the six-minute-long stream? That’s right, G-Dragon. Perhaps he was at the studio for a quick visit to his girlfriend, or to offer his moral support while she was recording?

And while everyone knows that Jennie once appeared in G-Dragon’s music video for That XX in 2012, years before her own debut – the two even played a couple – did you know that GD can also be spotted in the behind the scenes clip for Blackpink’s Lovesick Girls music video? During the clip, a man in a black baseball cap can be seen sitting casually on set while Jennie is being interviewed. It might be difficult to recognise his face, but the unassuming cap is actually pretty special – it’s the one G-Dragon custom ordered for his Infinite Challenge collaboration with Taeyang and Kwanghee. So it’s likely that the man is one of those three, but our bet is that it’s G-Dragon.
Did G-Dragon appear in the behind the scenes clip for Blackpink’s Lovesick Girls music video? Photo: YouTube/YG Entertainment

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