Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray have broken up, but is the China-born entrepreneur better off without the Red Power Ranger?

Bling Empire’s “toxic couple” Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray are no more. Photo: @andrewgray/Instagram
It’s official: Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray have broken up. The tumultuous, some might say toxic, relationship was one of the main subplots of Netflix’s Bling Empire, which documented their roller coaster romance as it peaked, dropped and eventually just crashed and burned this week.

Releasing a statement about the split on Instagram, Mi Li wrote, “We have made the difficult decision to officially separate at this point in our lives. We are both so grateful to have experienced a relationship that allowed us to grow and learn so much.”


She also wrote that both she and Gray were planning on “working on becoming the best versions of ourselves individually” – so we’re expecting to see a lot of welcome changes in Mi Li for season two.

Here’s five reasons why boss babe Mi Li is so much better off without Gray, anyway.

More BFF time with Anna Shay

Anna Shay and Kelly Mi Li. Photo: @annashay93/Instagram
Who could forget the first time we got a glimpse of Gray’s temper? It was in Paris, after Anna Shay – billionaire arms heiress and the undisputed breakout star of the series – surprised Mi Li with a first-class ticket to the City of Love for some retail therapy.

After arriving, Gray lost it at Mi Li for leaving him to sleep off his jet lag in their hotel room. The worst part about watching the scene? We missed out on valuable Shay and Mi Li bonding time! No more Gray in the picture means more time for these two BFFs to go shopping for jewellery.

More screen time of Mi Li being a boss

Kelly Mi Li. Photo: @kellymili/Instagram
As we’ve mentioned before, Mi Li is a self-made entrepreneur who turned her life around after she learned the hard way that a man is not a plan. She lost everything after her ex-husband turned out to be one of the biggest cyber scammers in American history. She didn’t let it get her down, however, and quickly reinvented herself as a serial entrepreneur with a Midas touch. She runs several companies and invests heavily in the tech sector – so why didn’t we see more of that in season one? Now that the Drew drama is out of the picture, we’re looking forward to watching Mi Li in action as a boss lady making fat stacks.

More time for herself

Kelly Mi Li. Photo: @kellymili/Instagram

Mi Li has been candid about her struggles with self-worth, and how it’s been hard for her to put her own needs first. “As a result of my dad leaving, I always felt like I was longing for a relationship, friends or a partner,” she told Women’s Health. “Through my therapy sessions, I also realised that I’d spent so much time focusing on other people and being what they needed that I didn’t know who I was when all that fell away and it was just … me.” We’re looking forward to Mi Li falling in love again – this time with herself.

A better role model

Viewers were up in arms over the Gray storyline, some going so far as to suggest the Red Power Ranger should be mighty morphin’ banned from the show due to his volatile and abusive antics. Although we wish him the best and hope he grows as a person, Mi Li choosing to part ways with him truly makes her a better role model for the legions of young fans following her.

Maybe a second date with Kevin Kreider?

Kelly Mi Li and Kevin Kreider in episode five of Bling Empire. Photo: Netflix
We can’t say we bought into this romance entirely, and Mi Li certainly seemed lukewarm to the idea of a Kelly and Kevin (Kelvin?) pairing herself. But who knows what can develop between two old friends, right? Even if he’s not her soulmate, there’s worse things in the world than a fling with a hot Korean model with a six-pack who is perpetually misplacing his shirt. Mi Li might even be with us on this one, telling Refinery29: “There’s nobody better to be on a first date with right out of a relationship than with your friend. There’s no pressure.”

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  • Kelly Mi Li announced her break-up on Instagram this week, which marks the end of the most tumultuous subplot on the Netflix reality series of the year
  • For season two, we’re hoping this means more BFF time with Anna Shay, more of Mi Li being a girlboss and even a second date with Korean hottie Kevin Kreider