Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s shocking security scare: the bomb in the car, the body in the water and the threatening letter – is the wealthy family’s US$260,000 a year security enough to keep them safe?

When explosives were found outside the Ambani family home in Mumbai, it set off a chain of strange events that prove the family’s high level security is justified. Photos: @antiliahouse, @nitaambaniii/ Instagram
India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani and his family are no strangers to security threats, having recently bumped up their security to receive special government support in the form of armed commandos protecting them 24/7. After all, when you’re worth more than US$79.2 billion, you’re going to need the protection. But the past few weeks has seen the Ambani family’s scary reality become public after materials used to make a bomb were planted outside their famous home, Antilia.

Not only that – a letter to Mukesh and his wife Nita was also discovered. Nita has previously said how much she loves being at home with her family, and the Ambanis are known to throw extravagant events there. Here’s how this scary incident full of plot twists must have wreaked havoc on one of India’s favourite families. 

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The bomb scare

Antilia, the house of the Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, stands tall in the heart of south Mumbai. Photo: Reuters
On February 25, about 20 gelignite sticks were found in a car parked outside the famous Ambani home in south Mumbai. The house is 27 storeys high and has been labelled one of the most expensive homes in the world. According to Indian Express, gelignite sticks have been used in terror attacks. A ballistics expert told India Today that had the bombs detonated, the blast would have been enough to blow up the car and kill its occupants. But police confirmed it was not an assembled bomb as it did not have a detonator or timer yet. The car caught the attention of Ambani security after its registration number was identical to a Range Rover in Mukesh’s security fleet. The replica number led to the belief that the threat was aimed squarely at the Ambani patriarch.

The threatening note

Mukesh and his equally famous wife Nita are the wealthiest couple in India – but it evidently comes at a price. Photo: @nitaambaniii/Instagram

The BBC reports that registration plates and a printed note were found inside the car. The note was addressed to Mukesh and Nita. 

“This is a trailer, but next time we will connect [all these explosives] and come. We have made arrangements to blow up your entire family,” read the note according to the BBC.

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The investigation

Ambani has Z+ security, the highest form of security provided in India. This means he gets 28 security guards, an escort and police car. An armed commando squad also keeps guard 24/7. Although the security is provided by the government, Ambani has to pay their salaries and provide accommodation. The bomb squad and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad were also called in to investigate the threat.

The body

Assistant inspector Sachin Vaze of an elite crime branch was given control of the investigation. It was discovered that the car holding the gelignite was Mansukh Hiren’s, who had reported it stolen just days before the scare. In a major plot twist, Hiren was found dead in a Mumbai creek on March 6. The BBC reports that Hiren told his family he had received a call to meet a police officer – not long after, his body was found.

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Police involvement


The policeman leading the investigation, Vaze, was linked to the incident by Hiren’s wife, Kamala, who claims the police officer framed him and conspired to have her husband murdered. The BBC reports that Vaze has denied these claims. Meanwhile, The Hindustan Times reported that officials believe Vaze planned the whole thing to prove his investigative skills as a police officer. 

As this shocking incident proves, it may be wonderful having billions in the bank, but such lavish wealth comes with a dark side. Here’s hoping the Ambani family remain safe and protected.

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  • The Reliance Industries CEO’s enormous wealth has always made him a target, but recent events show just how scary things have become for India’s richest family
  • In a saga that’s gripping India, bomb-making materials were found in a car near the Ambanis’ Antilia home in south Mumbai – then a body was found