Jai Anmol and Jai Anshul’s childhoods, revealed: Mukesh Ambani’s billionaire nephews value what they have because parents Anil and Tina taught them to be humble

Anil Ambani’s sons Jai Anmol and Jai Anshul were born with billions, but learnt to value what they have. Photo: @tinaambaniofficial/Instagram
They’re part of one of the richest families in the world: the Ambanis. And while much is known about their wealth and previous family feuds, Tina and Anil Ambani have mostly managed to keep their private lives out of the media. Their two sons, Jai Anmol, 29, and Jai Anshul, 25, are rarely spotted out and about. And when they are, they’re almost always with their parents. So, what was it like growing up part of one of India’s most famous families, with the kind of money that most can only dream of?

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Anil and Tina Ambani with their sons Jai Anshul (far left) and Jai Anmol. Photo: @tinaambaniofficial/Instagram

In a rare interview done more than 20 years ago with TV host Simi Garewal, Indian’s first couple, as they were known then, spoke about the tough lessons they’ve had to pass on to their kids to make sure they live a “normal” life. Tina and Anil said they made it a priority not to spoil their kids and to teach them the importance of wealth and how not to abuse it.

Learning to value money

Tina Ambani with her sons Jai Anmol (left) and Jai Anshul. Photo: @tinaambaniofficial/Instagram

Tina said she believes the way she brought the boys up kept them in touch with reality. At the time of the interview, she said the boys were eight and four and she always stressed that they had been born into wealth and luck, but just because they had everything, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t value it.

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Anmol’s big money lesson

Tina Ambani and Jai Anmol. Photo: @tinaambaniofficial/Instagram

As a child, Anmol used to go pony riding daily and it was dad Anil who noticed he was coming home with a cheap toy after every lesson. In the interview, he admitted that he approached Tina and said that the daily toys should stop. The nanny who was with Anmol during the pony lessons told the family she bought him a toy because he cried every day. Tina said she sat down with her son and said that getting toys daily is “just not done”. She said she told him that when he grew up he would realise that it’s hard work to make money and that everything you buy, should be valued.

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A fan of grandad

Although the brothers are rarely seen out, GQ India reports both have a strong relationship with their 84-year-old grandmother Kokilaben.
Prior to his death in 2002, Tina said she wanted her children to have a good relationship with their grandfather, Dhirubhai. She said she used to tell them that when they grew up they would ask her why they didn’t get to spend more time with him. Tina said the Ambani patriarch was someone her boys could learn a lot from and said the boys – particularly Anmol – regularly spent time with him, asking to have dinner with him all the time.

Raising men

Anil and Tina Ambani, flanked by their sons Jai Anshul and Jai Anmol. Photo: @tinaambaniofficial/Instagram
Tina and Anil both come from humble beginnings. In a previous interview with Garewal, Anil’s brother Mukesh confided to the TV host about his upbringing, explaining how his family lived in a small flat with nine people while his father was trying to start the now billion-dollar business, Reliance Industries.

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Tina and Anil said they face the same problems other people do, but have learnt to be more private about their issues. Taking a leaf out of their own childhoods, Tina told Garewal that Anmol and Anshul had a basic upbringing. She said it was important for her to stress that wealth can be “here today and gone tomorrow”.

The former actress said she wanted to raise boys who knew the importance of their own convictions and had the ability to handle different situations.

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  • TV host Simi Garewal got the couple to talk about having their sons grow up close to their grandfather Dhirubhai and grandmother Kokilaben
  • Dhirubhai founded Reliance Industries, now a huge conglomerate run by Mukesh while Anil is chairman of Reliance Group, hived off from the parent company in 2006