What gifts do BTS members give their parents? Jin presented a US$3.4 million Hannam The Hill apartment, Jungkook went for a Mercedes-Benz while RM lets mum and dad use his credit card

What luxurious presents did BTS members like J-Hope and Jin give to their parents? Photos: @btsxpiccs; @choi_bts2/ Twitter, @mejiwoo103; @seokjin/Instagram
There’s no doubt that the Bangtan Boys know how to splurge, but not only do they treat themselves with their millions, they shell out for their loved ones too – including their mums and dads, of course.
BTS are generous when it comes to sharing their wealth. Photo: Big Hit Entertainment

So what sort of relationships do the boys have with their parents, and what gifts have they presented over the years to express their love and thanks? Here are some of the most memorable ones …

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Jungkook: a Mercedes-Benz

Jungkook from BTS. Photo: @bts__jungk00k/Instagram

Jungkook might be the group’s maknae – which means youngest member in Korean – but he can definitely pick out great gifts. According to Channel Korea, Jungkook bought his parents a Mercedes-Benz in 2018.

BTS’ Jungkook and his own Mercedes-Benz. Photo: @jungkookieslove/Instagram

Although Jungkook has never spoken about the gift himself, fans figure that since he has his own black Benz – which he’s posed next to in photos – he could easily have decided to gift his parents one too.

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J-Hope: a box filled with cash

BTS’ J-hope, Jin and Suga. Photo: @BTS_twt/Twitter
J-Hope is known for being a good son who’s constantly showing his love for his family – he even described it in his solo song Mama. And on Mother’s Day in 2020, a post by his sister Jung Ji-woo caught fans’ eyes – a photo of a flower box filled with one million Korean won (US$880) in cash. She captioned the photo, “special gift for parents prepared with my son” – “son” being her nickname for J-Hope.

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Jin: a luxury flat

BTS has an impressive real estate portfolio – but some properties aren’t for themselves.

Jin from BTS. Photo: @MysteryGirl_T_T/Twitter

According to GMA Network, in April 2020, only a short while before Mother’s Day, Jin gave his parents full ownership of a US$3.4 million flat in Hannam The Hill – one of the most expensive complexes in South Korea. He bought the property in October 2019 under both his name and his parents’, then transferred his 35 per cent ownership to them less than a year later.

Hannam The Hill. Photo: @SugaPhilippines/Twitter

Hannam The Hill is home to many celebrities including singer Lee Seung-chul and actors Han Hyo-joo and Choo Ja-hyun.

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V: a song

V from BTS. Photo: @btstae/ Instagram
Any BTS fan will be familiar with V’s close relationship with his father. He once called his dad “his role model” during a V-live session.

During KBS’ 2021 Special Talk Show – Let’s BTS, when hosts asked what sweet things BTS members did for their parents, V answered that he recently gave them many 50,00o won (about US$45) bills. But he gave his dad an even sweeter gift in 2019 by composing a song for him.

Speaking about the song during a V-live with Jungkook in January, he said he was so excited about his gift that he was unable to wait until Parents’ Day – celebrated on May 8 in Korea – and gave it to his father a bit earlier instead. V called the gift a success; the lyrics apparently had such an impact on V’s dad that he cried a little due to how touched he was.

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RM: his credit card

RM from BTS. Photo: Handout

During the same programme, RM revealed that he lets his parents use his credit card – not as personal as a song, perhaps, but near-unlimited money has to be convenient indeed.

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  • Jin’s parents became neighbours with K-drama actors like Han Hyo-joo and Choo Ja-hyun when they received a unit in one of Korea’s most expensive buildings
  • During a V-live broadcast, V revealed that he composed a song for his dad for Parents’ Day, while J-Hope’s Mother’s Day gift was snapped on Instagram